Excellence in Energy Efficient Commercial HVAC

IMC builds cost-saving and energy efficient commercial HVAC through energy audits, expert installation, and preventative service.

System Guidance, Installation, Programming

Whether you’re constructing a new commercial building or replacing your old system, IMC will develop an energy efficient commercial HVAC system to save you money every day it’s running.

Choosing the right HVAC equipment for the space can mean the difference between over working and cost savings.

We’ll partner with you on programming the systems to determine comfortable temperatures when the building is occupied balanced with low-power operations when empty.

With HVAC typically accounting for 30% of a building’s energy usage, IMC installs and programs the most efficient system for your facility. Trust our industry experts to do the job right.

Program your energy efficient commercial HVAC system from anywhere!

Even with the right equipment running efficiently, employees sometimes change the temperature or the programming changes for an event. IMC will set up an app for you to control your building’s systems from anywhere.

Maintain Efficiency

With maintenance agreements, we’ll ensure your units are always operating at their best. Regular servicing increases the reliability of your equipment and keeps your energy efficient HVAC systems truly efficient!

Minimize Downtime

With a properly sized, energy efficient commercial HVAC unit, you’ll see less wear-and-tear on equipment because it’s not overworked.

Service agreements also save your business money in repairs and loss of function. Don’t worry about downtime and moving residents between available rooms: preventative maintenance ensures you don’t have an emergency!

If you do need a repair, we strive for same day repair in every situation to keep you running.

24-hr Emergency Service

When you do have an emergency, you can’t go an entire weekend or holiday waiting for a repair. That’s why IMC offers 24/7/365 service for our energy efficient commercial HVAC systems. We’ll answer the phone when you call and get a skilled technician on-site quickly.

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