A commercial air conditioning system is a big investment. These are some of the commonly asked questions before installation, so you can have peace of mind about the purchase.

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How long will my commercial air conditioning system last?

Typically, commercial air conditioning units last about 15-20 years, and we can advise you on budgeting for a replacement unit or the next steps when it’s time to replace.

In some cases, a repair may be too extensive, and we’ll advise replacing the system at that time. Sometimes systems seem to be working well after 15 or 20 years, but it’s time for a replacement because efficiencies have improved so much during that time (and you’re risking a costly emergency repair at that age).

We are committed to offering honest, fair advice for our clients. Our experienced technicians will give you great service at every visit, never leaving something undone or out of place.

Does a maintenance agreement really save me money?

Yes! Even if you are able to change air filters on your own, maintenance plans offer regular inspections to catch component wear and tear before it turns into an emergency. We’ll look at every component of your system to make sure each piece is tightened. We oil the parts to keep them spinning smoothly, and we’ll notice any leaks in your ductwork.

With a maintenance agreement, you save money in utility bills and preserve the life of your equipment.

How do I increase my commercial air conditioning efficiency?

Along with regular maintenance (changing air filters, cleaning duct work, replacing belts, and other inspections), energy management begins with the space. If you’re building out an older space, ensure the insulation is sufficient. Maybe you will be using a ductless system or a mini-split unit because the typical commercial air conditioning system would not be adequate for your needs. As mechanical contractors, we can help you build out an efficient system from the start.

Why do I need the right size AC system?

You may think a smaller unit will save you money, but an improperly sized commercial air conditioning system actually costs you more money over time. It will need to run constantly to keep the room at temperature, increasing your electrical bill and wearing down equipment faster.

At IMC, we can help you choose the right commercial air conditioning system for your space which will save you money year after year.

How do you help senior living facilities with their commercial HVAC?

Industrial Mechanical Contractors handles everything climate-related for senior living facilities – from process piping to individual apartment units. We also strive for same-day repair, so you don’t have to move residents to functioning rooms. We partner with you to stay efficient, not just through energy management, but through our regular maintenance and quick emergency response.

How quickly do you repair HVAC systems?

Our goal is always same-day service. If we can repair at the time of diagnosis, we will. You don’t have to wait until we order and receive the part — even if we need to procure the part, we do our best to return the same day to get you up and running.

What kind of thermostat do I need for my system?

The type of thermostat and energy management programming depends on the size of your building and usage. If you have a small building, you may be able to uses a simple thermostat that works similar to the one in your home. For larger office buildings, you would want different zones with a thermostat in each. Facilities for senior living or manufacturing, may require specific humidity levels and other sophisticated climate control options: we typically recommend a centralized control system for your commercial air conditioning thermostats to monitor all zones from one application.

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