Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

IMC builds cost-saving and energy efficient commercial HVAC through energy audits, expert installation, and preventative service.

HVAC system maintenance ensures the longest possible life for your boiler, chiller, or rooftop equipment and avoids expensive emergency repairs. Our customer-focused technicians will service your system quickly, so they’re not in the way of your business.

Why Choose an HVAC System
Maintenance Plan?

Proactively prevent emergencies with maintenance agreements according to your equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

Reduce Downtime

With an HVAC system maintenance agreement in place, we catch problems before they cause downtime. By maintaining your equipment properly, you are less likely to need emergency repairs. Avoid the hassle of downtime and unhappy tenants with routine maintenance.

Extend the life of expensive equipment

Make the most of your investment with HVAC system maintenance. Without regular servicing, expensive equipment will breakdown or experience build up in some components. You may end up replacing the entire system earlier than necessary because you ignored important servicing.

Operate Efficiently

In order for equipment to operate efficiently as designed, the filters need to be cleaned and components should be oiled. Each component may be on a different schedule according to equipment requirements, but you’ll begin to notice inefficiencies when they’re not serviced, from warmer temperatures indoors to a system running constantly to keep up with demands.

Lower Utility Costs

Because your equipment will be operating efficiently, you’ll see lower gas and electric costs for your commercial building. With HVAC system maintenance, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Typical HVAC System Maintenance Services:

With IMC certified maintenance plans, we will include inspection and service reports for your reference. If we do encounter a repair need while servicing, we strive to repair on the same day, fixing it right the first time.

Air Filter & Belt Changes

Air filters need to be changed frequently to keep your system functioning well. In fact, failure to change air filters is the top reason for emergency servicing. Keeping the air filters free of dust and allergens also ensures clean air flow throughout your facility.

When a belt starts to wear down, it causes unnecessary friction and slipping within the equipment. Keep your system functioning properly with frequent filter and belt changes.

Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaning

Evaporator and condenser coils absorb and disperse heat to keep a room cool. When dirt and dust accumulate on these components, you risk interfering with that cooling process. As function gets worse, you may experience ice buildup on the coils as well. During our routine HVAC system maintenance, we inspect and clean the coils to keep everything functioning efficiently.

Combustion Analysis

During routine maintenance, our technicians will ensure all heating elements and combustion components are functioning properly. We examine the flue and test the draft to safeguard your residents and prevent future emergencies.

Equipment Lubrication

HVAC lubrication and oil ensures gears and components stay cool while operating in high temperatures and keeps them turning smoothly for less wear and tear on the parts. Our technicians follow your equipment’s specifications to keep your system functioning well in any temperature.

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