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The Benefits Of Energy Management Systems For Commercial Buildings


The commercial and industrial sectors in the US consume 50 percent of the nation’s energy, costing about $400 billion. What is even worse, commercial buildings tend to waste 30 percent of their energy. Not only is that bad for the company that wastes money in inefficient energy consumption, but it also has a negative impact on the environment. That is where energy management systems for commercial buildings can help. An energy management system can offer a wide variety of benefits.

Read on to learn a bit about energy management systems as well as some of the benefits that will most impact your business.

What Are Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings?

An energy management system is a system that electricity grid operators use to optimize a building’s energy usage. It can address heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. It also manages lighting, security measures, and fire suppression equipment.

These systems use computer-aided tools that track, optimize, and control electrical loads. They are generally installed in large commercial buildings that need huge mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems. An EMS for a commercial building includes software as well as hardware. The hardware is applied to the appliances, devices, and equipment to track their functions.

Reduce Costs

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to install energy management systems in your building is that they will save you money. You will save on lighting, heating, cooling, and water service costs.

An energy management system (EMS) will help you track your building’s energy usage for a set period of time. You will then have that data stored, allowing you to analyze it and have a history of your building’s energy consumption. This history can let you make informed decisions and predict future costs.

An EMS for commercial buildings can save you up to 40 percent in energy costs, making it a crucial option to consider. Because of these savings, buildings that put in place an energy management system tend to see growth. They are able to invest all the money they saved on improving their business.

Lowered Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of a building is focused on its energy consumption and the greenhouse gases it produces. If you have a building without an energy management system, the building’s carbon footprint will be much larger than it needs to be.

Implementing energy management systems will ensure you have all the data you need to see where the building is inefficient and where you can save energy. Building and construction industries are responsible for 30 percent of the world’s energy usage. They have a responsibility to the planet to try lowering a commercial building’s carbon footprint.

Better Brand Image

The public is more concerned than ever before about a company’s environmental-friendliness. Taking steps to make the building energy-efficient can make your company and brand more attractive to stakeholders and investors. Around the world, companies are showcasing what they do to be greener and an energy management system is a great step to take. This can work well for both large and small businesses.

Productivity and Well-being

When employees work in a comfortable location, their productivity rises. As many as 60 percent of workers claim to be unhappy with the lighting and temperature levels in their place of work. For you, this means unhappy employees who do not perform at their best.

Having energy management systems in place will make it easier to maintain comfortable temperature and lighting levels. You can do this without spending more energy than needed. They can also ensure your equipment lasts longer. This is because they reduce their unnecessary use and can allow your maintenance systems to function for longer.


Energy management systems have energy-saving and cost-saving measures built into their function. These can include identifying energy leaks, emitting lower power in peak periods, and more. You will see the investment you made to install the system returned quickly.

Energy management systems can be customized to fit your building’s needs so that you can get the kind of ROI you need. For example, a hospital building would have different energy requirements than a shopping center.

Allows Building Certifications

Many countries throughout the world are implementing programs and energy certificates. These ensure commercial buildings are reducing wasteful energy usage. For data centers, for example, there are standards like ISO 50001. It allows The Green Grid to measure efficiency. Companies are making the switch to compliance by adding energy management systems.


When your fire and other life safety systems are integrated into the energy management system, you have the tranquility of knowing they will work efficiently when needed. You will be able to check them with more ease and receive information on their performance. If there are maintenance issues, the system will alert you. You will be able to resolve safety concerns for the building and your employees.

Invest in Energy Management Systems

More than ever before, people are focused on implementing energy-saving measures in their business life along with their private life. Using energy management systems for commercial buildings is one excellent option business owners have. It can improve their brand image, save lots of money, and ensure their employees and equipment are as productive as possible.

At Industrial Mechanical Contractors, Inc. we can offer the energy management systems your building needs to run at its best. We have over 50 years of experience we are ready to put to use to help you and your business.

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