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When Should You Invest In An Industrial/Commercial Boiler Cleaning?


Does your facility rely on a commercial boiler to heat your building? If so, you need to ensure that it is regularly maintained and cleaned by professionals who understand HVAC systems. These days, there are many different kinds of boilers, including firetube boilers, watertube boilers, and commercial electric boilers, to name a few. However, all of these operate along the same principles of converting water into steam for the purpose of transporting heat from one area to another in your space. Without regular cleaning, your operations could be disrupted by a boiler failure that could be highly expensive to repair and could risk the health and lives of your employees. Here, we explain how commercial boilers work, when cleaning is needed, and the benefits of comprehensive commercial boiler cleaning.

How Do Commercial Boilers Work?

For many commercial facilities, boilers are a primary source of heat. This heat is generated when either electricity or combustion is used to heat water and turn it into steam, hence the name, boiler. This steam is usually stored in a large, pressurized tank that can be either horizontal or vertical in shape, depending on the design chosen for the space. These vessels are designed to facilitate the efficient transfer of heat from the boiler room to other systems throughout your facility.

It is important to be aware that commercial boilers are inherently dangerous. This has led to the creation of regulations such as the ASME code, which specifically outlines requirements for the design and manufacture of all boilers. Organizations must be certified to produce a boiler with the ASME stamp. Furthermore, because of the high temperatures and pressures involved, improper maintenance can lead to injury or even death. There are many regulations that apply to the operation of boilers that must be complied with as well. It’s important to rely on the services of experienced contractors who understand your boiler system whenever the time comes for cleaning or maintenance.

When Do You Need A Boiler Cleaning?

Ideally, you want your boiler to last as long as possible. Boilers, like vehicles, need to be maintained regularly in order to achieve this. With regular cleaning and “tune-ups,” a commercial boiler can last for decades. On the other hand, some boilers could fail in a year or two without the correct maintenance. Boilers may look simple from the outside, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be regularly serviced. Some manufacturers even provide maintenance checklists to follow. These can provide guidance for what your particular boiler needs and the best times to have it serviced. Generally, your boiler should be cleaned about once a year, and a professional should perform basic maintenance services on it about twice a year.

Is Cleaning A Commercial Boiler Necessary?

One of the biggest reasons why cleaning a commercial boiler is essential is limescale buildup. Limescale is a mineral deposit that builds up in containers that hold hot water. These minerals come from the water and are left behind when the water is converted into steam. Over time, limescale can build up on the heat transfer surfaces that are responsible for heating the water in your boiler. This buildup can act as an insular layer, preventing the heat from being transferred and reducing the efficiency of your boiler. This process can occur in a fairly short period of time because all it takes is a small amount of limescale to slow this heat transfer. Then, more combustion energy is required to achieve the same levels of heat transfer. This can lead to major costs over time as your system decreases in efficiency.

In addition, in some systems, soot coming off the combustion processes can be another problematic factor. Soot can also reduce the efficiency of your industrial boiler and put additional stress on its operations. Over time, more serious problems can also occur as a result of soot buildup.

If it’s been more than a year or you are unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified HVAC contractor who can get your boiler cleaned and tuned up to peak performance.

The Benefits of Commercial Boiler Cleaning

A comprehensive boiler cleaning will include a full flush of the tank to clean the interior and remove limescale. Additionally, this service should include a complete cleaning of the combustion chamber as well as the chimney and all exhaust pipes. These areas should be carefully cleaned, and all silt or soot removed. A truly thorough cleaning and maintenance service can have many benefits for your facility.

#1 Reduced Downtime

A lack of cleaning and maintenance can lead to boiler failure and expensive repairs. This can mean downtime to your system and lead to further issues throughout your facility. Furthermore, damage caused by delayed cleaning or improper maintenance can be extremely costly. It is important to remember that boilers are under a great deal of pressure, and explosions are a possibility if they are not correctly cleaned and maintained. This can be a major risk to both your facility and personnel. However, with the proper industrial boiler cleaning service, you can mitigate this risk and keep your boiler running in optimal condition.

#2 Increased Efficiency And Lower Utility Costs

High-performing boilers are designed to achieve high levels of energy efficiency. This means that your utility costs can be kept as low as possible. A lack of cleaning or maintenance can ruin the calibrations of your boiler and lead to higher utility bills as more combustion is required to get the same heat.

#3 Stay Safe and Compliant

Coding requirements state that all commercial and industrial boilers must be inspected by a licensed contractor at least once every year for high-pressure steam boilers. Furthermore, many manufacturers provide warranties that are contingent upon this annual maintenance. Regularly cleaning your boiler can help you maintain compliance with building codes and keep your operations running smoothly.

Are You In Need of A Commercial Boiler Cleaning?

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