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When your building’s HVAC system comes to a standstill, so does your heart. The HVAC system is the key to having a healthy, comfortable environment. So when your system isn’t working, people begin to shiver or sweat. You need a reliable solution now. But exactly what does a business focusing on commercial HVAC repair in Philadelphia do? And how do you know if you’re hiring a reliable company?

The HVAC system is one of the most expensive parts of your building. You want to make sure you hire the right company to bring your system back up to running condition. By the time you’ve read this article, you’ll know what services a great commercial HVAC repair company offers and how you can find a good HVAC technician.

Scheduled Maintenance

You can avoid fixing your HVAC altogether if you have an HVAC company complete regular maintenance on it.

A good commercial HVAC company will offer a maintenance agreement. They’ll come in once a year to check your coils, filter, compressor, and other essential parts. They will spot the common HVAC issues before they can cause big damages that cause your HVAC system to stop altogether.

Diagnose and Repair Services

An HVAC technician can diagnose and repair your HVAC system. They can hear the noises that you hear and then pinpoint the problem. They also have the tools and experience to repair the damaged HVAC unit. A great company will offer same-day services. Often the technician will come out to your business, diagnose the problem, and fix the commercial HVAC system issue right away.

Renovations and Upgrades

A good company will also install new commercial HVAC systems or upgrade your old commercial HVAC system. They’ll evaluate your current system and tell you if it’s the most efficient solution for your building. If it’s not, the technician will know which system will work best for your particular building.

Typical commercial HVAC systems last 15 to 20 years. If your system is more than 20 years old, call an HVAC technician. You could be spending more on your utility bill than necessary with your old system. A good commercial HVAC technician will have a more efficient solution that uses less energy but still pumps out the cool and warm air as you need it.

Qualities of a Good Commercial HVAC Company

A basic HVAC company completes all of these services. They know how to diagnose, repair, renovate, and maintain your commercial HVAC system. A great HVAC company, though, has a few other important qualities.

Experience and Licensing

While Pennsylvania doesn’t require HVAC contractors to have a license, a great HVAC contractor goes above and beyond the state requirements. Make sure your contractor has proper licensing, bonding, and insurance. The contractor’s insurance will protect you and the contractor. If the HVAC contractor or their workers sustain damage on your business property, their worker’s compensation insurance should cover them. If the HVAC technicians cause damage to your building, their liability insurance will cover them.

The contractor should also have adequate experience, especially when working on large building HVAC systems. This isn’t a home window air conditioner. You want a contractor who understands how a large HVAC system works and has experience working on one.

When you’re vetting the contractor, ask them about the brands they’ve worked on. Look for a contractor with experience working on your particular HVAC brand. The experienced HVAC contractor will also be able to list reliable subcontractors and suppliers they’ve worked with. They should have an extensive network of individuals already on hand that they’ve worked with before.

Technology Savvy

Because the HVAC sector changes regularly, you need a contractor up to date on cutting-edge technology. Their experience will help them weed out the newest ideas that may not work from the best technology available for your HVAC system. Do not just hire the guy with the new ideas. Look for a technician that knows about those ideas and understands which ones will work best for your building.

Clear Pricing

A good technician will not have any hidden prices. They’ll give you a clear price estimate before they dig into your system. This will allow you to stick with your HVAC repair budget. It will also give you a chance to compare prices between contractors. You can sleep easy at night knowing that you don’t have a surprise bill waiting for you once the technician has finished.

Scheduling that Works For You

A great contractor will have a schedule that works for normal businesses. They should be able to come quickly. They also should be able to come when you need them. Thus the contractor should be available on weekends and evenings if you need them. This is especially important for a commercial HVAC system. You can have the technician work on your building without your tenants, employees, or customers suffering.

Thorough Warranties

A good HVAC technician and company will stand behind their work. They also understand that sometimes things happen that lead to a premature breakdown. Good companies will offer a comprehensive warranty on their products and service.

A great warranty indicates a company’s confidence in its work. They believe in their technicians so much that they’ll cover any parts and labor that you may need should their technician not do the job right. A good warranty will extend for a reasonable time so you can have peace of mind knowing your system will work for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

A great commercial HVAC company looks out for the environment as well as its customers. They’ll have green solutions such as recycled parts, safe disposal methods, and certified green parts. This means their repairs or maintenance to your HVAC unit is environmentally friendly. Ultimately, such practices will lead to a lower utility bill for you as well.

Seek Out Commercial HVAC Repair in Philadelphia

A great commercial HVAC repair in Philadelphia will have skilled, experienced, certified technicians that understand a variety of HVAC systems. They’ll quote you clear, fair prices, and they’ll show up right away and fix the problem.

Do you need commercial HVAC repairs? If so, contact us. Our technicians have the experience and training you need to solve your HVAC problems. Give us a call today, and let us make your building comfortable once again.

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