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When Should I Schedule A Commercial AC Replacement? Signs Of A Faulty AC And Next Steps


When Is It Time To Schedule A Commercial AC Replacement?

Managing, engineering, or directing facilities requires significant time and effort on your behalf. While you may think you have everything under control, your employees or building residents might not share these sentiments. One common issue you could run into is not getting your air conditioning unit replaced on time. At some point, your property will need to invest in a commercial air conditioning replacement to keep everyone under your guidance comfortable and to prevent your utility bills from skyrocketing. Replacing your commercial AC might sound like something you can put off for another time–however, your AC might need replacement sooner than you’d think.

If you are considering a commercial AC replacement, it is crucial to know when the right time to schedule your replacement is and how to know when to pay attention. This article will help you navigate the commercial AC replacement process to keep your property or facility running smoothly.

Signs That You Need a Replacement

There are sure signs to look for when managing your utilities and determining their effectiveness. Some people hesitate to schedule a commercial air conditioning replacement appointment because they are wary of the potential cost. However, when your AC needs replacement, it’s essential to get it done as soon as possible. Below are some of the main signs that your AC is ready for an upgrade.

Your AC is More Than 10 Years Old

The first telltale sign that you should get your AC replaced is if your unit is over ten years old or approaching this age. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that any HVAC equipment over ten years old or failing to keep your property comfortable must be evaluated by a professional and ideally replaced as soon as possible.

Your AC is Making Noise

As you go to sleep, the light hum of an AC unit might be comforting. However, if your system is making excessive noise or shutting off on its own, it’s time to consider a replacement. Commercial AC replacement is essential to keeping your AC functioning. Without replacement, your AC unit will continue to shut off on its own, which is always frustrating.

Your AC Regularly Breaks Down

Along with an AC unit that frequently shuts off, if your AC unit breaks down or fails to work in other ways, you need a replacement. Constantly repairing your AC is exhausting and tedious, but even an isolated breakdown could indicate more significant issues. If you notice that the repair cost adds up to more than a replacement unit would cost, you must consider finding a better and more reliable option.

Your AC Temperatures are Uneven and Uncomfortable

AC units should provide comfort and relief when the temperature is less pleasant. However, a faulty AC unit will likely have uneven temperatures that make you and your residents uncomfortable. The humidity will likely increase on your property without a reliable AC unit. This humidity is uncomfortable and annoying and could lead to worse problems like harmful mold buildup or unhealthy air quality.

Your AC has a Weak Airflow

Another sign indicating the need for a commercial AC replacement is weak airflow coming from your unit. While you might notice some air coming from your unit, it is much weaker than you’re used to and fails to cool down a room. If you can only feel your AC right next to it, it’s not serving its purpose. A couple of problems could cause this in your units, such as issues with your compressor or AC ducts. To ensure you’re finding the right solution, you should turn to expert advice from experts like the team at Industrial Mechanical Contractors.

Your AC is Surrounded by Moisture or Water

Water leaks in any capacity are a  sign of a faulty AC unit. No matter how big or small the leak, you should contact experts as soon as you notice any moisture. Though this leak could indicate serious problems, it might also be the cause of a broken condensation tube or issues in your condenser. No matter the root cause, any moisture or water means that you should seriously consider a commercial air conditioning replacement.

Your Electric Bill is Skyrocketing

A faulty AC unit will impact the cost of your electricity bill. If you notice that your energy bill costs more than it usually does, your AC unit could be the reason. Your AC unit causing high electricity bills is especially likely if you haven’t used electricity more than usual between your previous billing cycle and the current one. If your bill skyrockets, a repair could be a temporary solution. However, you will likely continue to incur excessive charges without a commercial AC replacement.

You Notice a Smell Coming From Your AC

You’ll know that you need to replace your AC unit if you pick up on a strange smell coming from the unit. A healthy AC unit should be odor-free and produce healthy, clean air. If you smell something coming from the unit, such as a smokey or musty scent, you should get a replacement scheduled as soon as possible.

Why You Should Schedule a Replacement Today

You should start the replacement process if you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above in your AC unit. Contacting an expert is essential, and you should make your appointment sooner rather than later. AC manufacturing involves numerous supply chain issues for the parts necessary to repair or replace your unit. Make sure not to wait until it’s too late to replace your AC.

If you require the services of a professional to help you with your commercial air conditioning replacement, the experts at Industrial Mechanical Contractors have the solution for you. Industrial Mechanical Contractors help fix your issue at the time of your service request instead of requiring numerous appointments to diagnose the issue.

Industrial Mechanical Contractors save you time and money with your AC replacement. Contact the team at Industrial Mechanical Contractors today to learn more and get your commercial AC replacement scheduled.

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