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What tasks usually go through our mind when thinking about spring cleaning? Organizing underneath the kitchen cabinets, laundering the curtains, and scrubbing out the fridge, to name a few.  Spring cleaning shouldn’t stop with our homes. Commercial business spaces need a deep cleaning as well.

Commercial coil cleaning may not be at the forefront of people’s minds, but it should be when there are several benefits to keeping up with HVAC maintenance. But there are also potential problems when we don’t. Check out why keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance of commercial HVAC systems is important.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Coil Cleaning?

By seeking out helpful services, you can reap a number of the benefits of commercial coil cleaning.

Clean Air

We all like to breathe better. Am I right? Proper maintenance of HVAC systems will keep coils clean and clear of bacteria and mold growth that can build up over time. Dirty coil heads can be a real problem resulting in respiratory issues for employees.

Airborne pollen also makes an appearance in the spring and can build up on the coils of HVAC equipment. These outdoor contaminates can be a challenge for commercial rooftop HVAC systems as well as employees or customers. Clean coils will ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe.

More Bang for Your Buck

Dirty condensers and evaporator coils can reduce an HVAC’s efficiency as well as the lifespan of the system. The air conditioner must work harder resulting in undue stress placed on the system. This problem can cause commercial HVAC equipment to use up to 50% more energy, resulting in increased energy bills affecting the bottom dollar. And nobody wants that!

Reduces the Chance of System Downtime

We all like to enjoy some downtime. Reading a great book, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying a cookout with friends and family. But, with regard to commercial HVAC systems, downtime can cost a business big time.

Having a damaged HVAC system can affect a customer’s decision to return to a place of business. Not to mention employee productivity. Who wants to work or conduct business in sweltering temperatures or bitter cold?

Reduce the chances of costly system downtime by scheduling regular maintenance and coil cleaning. Avoiding potential problems that can come with unregulated interior temperature will make for happy employees and customers.

Extends the Life of Commercial HVAC Systems

Product longevity is the name of the game when it comes to keeping equipment costs down. The fewer needed repairs or unplanned purchases of a new unit, the better it is for a facility’s budget. Neglecting maintenance of the coils in HVAC systems can cause issues like overheating the motors. This can raise the chances of the unit breaking down sooner than it should have.

Making a plan to have a scheduled seasonal commercial HVAC coil cleaning can save money on the HVAC investment. No more worrying about unexpected costs for repairs or needing to purchase a brand new unit.

Go Green

Dirty coils have the potential to cause greenhouse gases. Coil cleaning is a simple and effective green solution. Staying regular with HVAC coil cleaning is good for the environment. Reducing wasted HVAC energy consumption is important when looking towards the need for greater sustainability in the business world. Keeping coils clean and able to function is an easy way to be a part of the solution.

What Are the Dangers of Not Cleaning Coils?

Just as there are benefits to having your coils cleaned, there are risks if you fall behind on your cleaning schedule.

Increased Risk of Fire

Dirt, debris, and other physical contaminants may cling to coils, increasing the risk for fire in commercial spaces. Business owners invest a lot into their companies. Why risk losing it all due to something like dirty coils?

When coils are clean, it will lessen the chance of a fire hazard. This gives business owners much-needed peace of mind. Knowing that the right steps are being taken to keep the workplace safe for employees and customers is priceless.

Potential for Illness

When regular preventive maintenance on commercial HVAC systems has been ignored, it can result in the harmful build-up of mold and nasty bacteria on the surface of the equipment. Dirty coils have the potential to be a breeding ground for contaminants.

Once the air is filtered, it won’t pass through another filtering process before it enters the building. Seasonal HVAC coil cleaning will keep bacteria can from adding up and spreading throughout the building.

Business owners know that the health and well-being of staff and customers is vital. Keeping the system clear of outdoor allergens, bacteria, and mold will afford everyone clean air that is free from airborne pollutants and increased risk of illness.

More Frequent Maintenance Calls

It’s best to be proactive versus reactive. When HVAC maintenance is overlooked, business owners run the risk of having to make that dreaded “hot” call due to issues that could have been prevented. It can be a huge and unexpected expense. Businesses can’t afford to be at a standstill. Fewer maintenance calls will lower costs and downtime that might be experienced when attempting to get the system back up and running.

We Can Help

Regular HVAC maintenance can fix a bunch of problems for a business, its employees, and customers. Without it, companies are more likely to have costly repairs, or worse — needing to replace the system. Keeping the coils clean now means fewer maintenance issues later.

Get your HVAC at peak performance with commercial coil cleaning. Contact us to schedule your coil cleaning consultation, or check out our services page or blog for more information about commercial HVAC systems.

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