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The Top Five Energy Efficient Commercial HVAC Systems


The rising cost of fuel, as well as environmental concerns about energy consumption, has led to energy-efficient HVAC becoming a priority for homes and businesses across the US. In particular, energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems are a key installation for companies that want to keep overheads low at the same time as enjoying the benefits that green premises can bring.

Although the choice of HVAC unit can play a key role in determining just how energy-efficient a system might be, it’s only one factor that can influence energy-efficient commercial HVAC. In considering which system is going to give the most for the lowest energy input, it’s vital to consider the HVAC system within the context of the building it’s located in.

Here we take a look not only at the top five manufacturers of high-grade, energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems but also consider the other variables that are going to ultimately inform the decision on which HVAC system is going to provide the best ROI for your commercial premises.

Top Commercial HVAC Manufacturers

Whilst there may not be an ultimate “top five” of HVAC units, there are a handful of manufacturers who have a formidable reputation for providing high-quality, dependable HVAC that offers exceptional performance and excellent energy efficiency. We’ve listed the most well-known of these below.

The Carrier Corporation

The Carrier Corporation has been in business for more than a century, providing premium HVAC systems to a wide range of commercial enterprises. Offering a variety of solutions (including HVAC that’s suitable for controlled environments such as operating theatres or laboratories), they provide systems that are tailored to individual business specifications.

Goodman Manufacturing

A member of the Daikin Group, Goodman Manufacturing has an excellent reputation for creating premium A/C units that offer years of useful service. They’re also well-known for their exceptional customer care, as well as competitive pricing. If you want to invest in an HVAC system that’s backed by decades of manufacturing experience and expertise, it’s worth considering a Goodman installation.


Trane is a global company that serves an international market. Their systems are used in some of the most recognizable buildings on the planet, including Grand Central Station (New York), the Burj Khalifa Tower (Dubai), and the Kremlin (Moscow, Russia). The company has a commercial focus. As well as HVAC, they provide energy-efficient chillers and lighting systems.


Established back in 1895, Lennox is a well-known and well-respected name in commercial HVAC. They have won numerous awards for their products, which are widely viewed as top-of-the-range options. Lennox isn’t always the cheapest manufacturer, but many companies feel that the high performance, excellent energy efficiency, and longevity of a Lennox system make it worth the investment.


If you want a solid, reliable HVAC system that does what it says on the tin, you can’t go wrong with a York HVAC installation. York is known for providing straightforward HVAC systems that offer durable, reliable performance.

The challenge for customers is to work out which system, out of the variety of high-end options that these reputable manufacturers offer, is going to be right for your premises. In most cases, the easiest and most reliable method of ending up with an HVAC system that’s going to provide the performance and energy efficiency that you need is to ask a commercial HVAC professional, such as a member of the team at Industrial Mechanical Contractors Inc, to complete an assessment of your needs.

How do I Know Which HVAC System is Going to be Best for my Commercial Operation?

Establishing which system is going to offer the greatest energy efficiency includes consideration not only of the HVAC system but also the environment that it’s being installed into. The most energy-efficient HVAC on the planet is still not going to deliver the energy savings you want if it’s installed in a poorly insulated building, for example.

Similarly, if the HVAC is the wrong capacity for your building (too large or too small), it’s not going to be working optimally. Again, this can lead to energy being wasted. Poorly installed HVAC systems are another cause of unwanted energy waste. Even if the system is a good one, if it’s not installed and checked correctly, it’s not going to deliver the exceptional energy-saving performance that customers deserve.

To avoid the situation where a company has invested in a fresh, energy-efficient HVAC system, only to find that temperature control is still using far too much energy, most companies commission an audit from a skilled professional.

What’s Considered in an Energy Audit?

As part of completing a commercial energy audit, a professional might consider factors such as:

  • HVAC usage habits and requirements.
  • The size and shape of the building.
  • The level of insulation.
  • How energy is used.

Having gathered all this information, HVAC specialists can determine what type of system is going to be most suitable, as well as suggest a wide range of other energy-saving measures that could make a big difference to overall consumption. Such measures might include:

  • Zero cost options (such as reducing the thermostat by a couple of degrees).
  • Low-cost options (such as ensuring regularly scheduled maintenance of your HVAC to ensure optimal performance, or retrofitting additional insulation).
  • Suggestions for changes in employee behavior that will result in energy savings (leaving windows shut whilst the HVAC is working, for example, or ensuring that blinds are in place when the external temperature is high to reduce the amount of heat entering the building).
  • Strategies that require higher investment (such as replacing lights with more energy-efficient options, or triple-glazing the premises), but which could yield a beneficial ROI over time.

Industrial Mechanical Contractors Inc offers a complete solution to all your HVAC requirements. From carrying out appropriate energy assessments and audits to establishing the most energy-efficient HVAC system for your needs, through to installation, maintenance, and repair, the experienced, skilled team at Industrial Mechanical Contractors Inc provides the cost-effective, long-term HVAC assistance you need. Get in touch to find out more.

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