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Mechanical Contractors Vs. HVAC Contractors: The Differences


According to GlobeNewsWire, the US HVAC market value is projected to reach a high of $35.8 billion in 2030. This comes after a burst in the construction sector due to population growth and increasing urbanization.

Whether you own an HVAC unit at home or on the work premises, you are likely to have a maintenance schedule. So, who do you call, a mechanical contractor vs HVAC contractor? Here is what you need to know about the two and when one will be the better option over another.

Mechanical Contractor vs HVAC Contractor Differences

If you run into problems with your system and need HVAC services, your search will yield these two specialists. While they have the power to get your HVAC system back in shape, they differ in various aspects.

Servicing Expertise Level

Mechanical contractors usually deal with mechanical services and installations in various fields. While you may get one to install your HVAC unit, note that not all have the expertise to service it. Their servicing usually gets attributed to their warranty obligations.

In comparison, an HVAC contractor is an expert in HVAC systems and only deals with these systems. Therefore, when you contract one, you can be sure to get quality services if your unit runs into problems.


To achieve a contractor honor, an individual needs a degree in the mechanical engineering field. They also have to have hands-on experience and take written exams to get licensed.

In comparison, getting an HVAC honor requires a post-secondary degree. These programs get offered in vocational institutions and take six to 20 months to complete. In addition, each state has licensing regulations for these specialists to follow.

Work Designation

A mechanical contractor, being a jack-of-all-trades, will take different sections of a project. Therefore, they are best to choose when your project involves other activities. In comparison, HVAC contractors are experts in the HVAC field only. Therefore, they are your best option when you have an HVAC project.

When to Call a Mechanical Contractor?

A mechanical contractor boasts high expertise in various fields. Here are your best instances to consult a mechanical specialist.

HVAC Installation

These specialists deal with machinery installations in their daily work schedules. Therefore, consulting with these specialists is essential if you need more units or your old unit needs replacing. Their expertise allows the installing, laying ductwork, and commissioning of these systems.

Noisy HVAC unit

Due to moving parts on an HVAC unit, regular servicing is needed to ensure the parts remain intact. Although not all noises indicate a fault, prolonged noisy conditions may indicate a looming problem. If the noise persists, it’s a sign to consult a mechanical contractor.

When to Call an HVAC Contractor?

Due to their expertise in the HVAC field, these specialists are your best bet to call when your system defaults. While you may choose a DIY solution, they will effectively leave your unit in tip-top shape. Here are instances to consult with them.

Clogged System Problems

If your system has not been serviced recently or has served you for years, it’s likely debris, hair, and clogging materials have accumulated. You may note this issue if there is uneven cooling or warming in your premises. Also, check if your furniture is blocking the inlets and outlets before calling your HVAC specialist. Clogged filters are also a factor contributing to inconsistent air circulation, so be sure to check.

Damaged Ductwork

Depending on how old your ductwork is, faulty sections are inevitable. Whether it’s a leak in your ductwork or extensive damage, you will likely experience higher utility bills than usual. You may miss some of the leaks if you choose a DIY method. But, a well-versed HVAC contractor will assess the pipework and make the necessary repairs.

How to Choose the Best Contractor

Despite the hurry to get your HVAC unit back running, it’s essential to make the right decision. You do not want to engage with a self-proclaimed contractor who delivers poor results or damages your system further. Here is how you can make the right contracting decision.

Ask for Referrals

Nearly every property in the country has one or more HVAC units depending on needs. While you want to get the best HVAC contractor around, asking around the neighborhood helps. By doing so, you can easily filter out reputable contractors and non-reputable ones. You also get ones who will attend to your project within less time.

Check for Proper Licensing

A license shows you that the contractor you are about to work with is a professional in their work. Note this contractor has undergone training, paid for their license, and follows a specific code of conduct. You also are guaranteed that they won’t cut corners in getting your project done. A straightforward mechanical contractor will show their certification to you upfront upon asking.

Check Their Work History

Most contractors you engage with during your search have an online presence. On their website, their portfolio shows their projects and achievements. Be sure to check on this list as they show how experienced the contractor is and how they are likely to handle your project. Also, head over to their client’s success stories page to confirm the legitimacy. Here you will find what previous clients have to say about the services they received.

Know More About HVAC and Mechanical Contractors

The need to have your HVAC unit in shape is inevitable due to the benefits of a healthy one. Whether you have a new system or need maintenance and repairs, whom do you call between a mechanical contractor vs HVAC contractor?

Each can solve your HVAC unit troubles, but they differ in various aspects. The above guide shows their differences, call instances, and tips on choosing the best. Do you own an HVAC unit on your premises and want to engage with an experienced specialist? Contact us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy an immediate service.

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